5:2 Diet

Tomorrow is my first day of the 5:2 diet. 


I’ve been reading the 5:2 Diet book for quite a while now, and I’ve been researching their forums. I’ve learned so much about the benefits of fasting, and ideally I’d like to lose some weight.

I’m already a member of MyFitnessPal and I’ll be using that too. I will be tracking my calories on my days off from fasting too.

So basically, this blog is to show my (hopeful) progress in the 5:2 diet, the problems with it, how I deal with the food cravings..

If I do this blog, I’d definitely be more likely to stick to the diet.

Right now I weigh 118lbs. I’m 5’1 tall, and I look better when I’m at around 105lbs. I know it’ll take a while to lose that… but I think this way sounds great, as long as I have the willpower to carry on with it.

I had a failed attempt last week at work, so hopefully I can really get focused this time!

So that’s that….. I’m moving to Canada next month from Scotland, and I’m handing in my notice at work this week, so it’s a pretty stressful time right now, getting everything sorted. I just hope that I can deal with these things in other ways rather than emotional eating which is my downfall.

I’ll post again tomorrow, maybe during the day with my struggles, or tomorrow night when I’ve completed the first fast (500 calories a day).



About summergirl1128

summer girl living in a cold city.
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